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Planning & Implementing Change

Planning & Implementing Change

We can help you develop and implement practical plans to achieve quick wins and long-term gains, maximizing available resources.

New York State

Juvenile Justice Advisory Group

New York State retained Public Catalyst to assist the New York State Juvenile Justice Advisory Group (JJAG) in its development of an oversight plan to monitor the executive branch's implementation of recommendations stemming from the Governor's Task Force on Transforming Juvenile Justice. Public Catalyst advised the JJAG on methods and processes to use in tracking the implementation of the recommendations, developed for the group a multi-year monitoring plan, negotiated data and information sharing protocols between executive branch agencies and the JJAG and created a public data dashboard for transparency and accountability.


New Jersey

Executive Writing Skills

Our partners in government know that effective communication can be one of the keys to moving from an idea to effective implementation.  And yet, they also know that middle managers may need support to improve their communication skills.  To that end, Public Catalyst developed the Executive Writing Workshop for middle managers. 

The workshop framework recognizes the importance of middle managers as the coaches for their staff.  Middle managers learn to define and respond to external and internal audiences’ needs.  Our facilitators help them write more clearly and concisely.  The workshop also addresses improving foundational skills including grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, word choice and the writing of professional emails.  We emphasize integrating core competencies – empathy, genuineness, competence and respect – into written communication. 


District of Columbia

Child and Family Services Agency

The District of Columbia's Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) retained Public Catalyst to independently assess the overall management and organizational structure of the agency, in general, and its child protective services program, in particular. The agency had set a goal to complete child abuse/neglect investigations within required time frames and to reduce a burgeoning backlog of investigations in order to ensure child safety. Public Catalyst worked with the agency to realign its business processes and management structure in order to achieve these goals. Working with Public Catalyst, CFSA met its short-term goals with a plan developed to maintain long-term positive performance.